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Manufacturers of fine truck bodies

  • .125 Aluminum alloy plate side, front, rear panels and wheel boxes. Cube is positioned as low as possible to chassis frame.
  • Cube is fastened to a "Zee" bar ( designed by HIVCO) bolted every 12"-24" to chassis with huck bolts.
  • All bolts, washers, and nuts are going through aluminum and are stainless steel (NYloc style)
  • One aluminum vent on each side. Forward, two way hingeless style.
  • Fully supported side skirting.
  • Full undercoating for protection against water and salt caused corrosion*.
  • Roof skin is the same .125 aluminum alloy plate that is used on side panels, riveted on 2" centers.
  • Interior ceiling is sprayed with polyurethane insulation, lined with stucco embossed aluminum and fastened with large flange rivets*.
  • heavy-duty Hansen locking mechanism for the right and left rear door. ( Double action locking handle on right door, chrome grab bar on the left floor).
  • Four heavy-duty S/S hinges on each door with four bolts per hinge, through the doors.
  • Rear doors are equipped with S/S, hold back, spring brackets*.
  • Polished aluminum rear still.
  • Front bumper and grill guard is electro plated with pocket for future S/S horn and 1 1/2" arm assembly.
  • Extra heavy-duty galvanized steel, 12" deep x 4 1/2" high, rear bumper with two receiver pockets. ( Each pocket has a S/S chain and pin retainer B, two ball bearing pins and one clip pin*).
  • Reversible galvanized receiver hitch for towing with large threaded ball( threaded directly into tow bar).*
  • Access doors with polished S/S locks and piano hinges for access to batteries, fuel fill , air cleaner and other chassis equipment.
  • Six, two bulb recessed fluorescent aluminum lights with with continuous plastic cover, accented with S/S strips( includes a three position switch).
  • Clearance lights with chrome plated guards ( two above the rub rail on each side - yellow and red) .
  • Breakaway directional signal on cab doors.
  • S/S stop, directional and back-up lamps are recessed in rear still( recessed rubber Truc lites are available)
  • Yale dead bolts with S/S latching mechanism on left rear door.*
  • Imron 5000 white paint.
  • Back-up alarm with protector.
  • Fold-away pipe rack and horns.*
  • Electrical plug for towing lights.*
  • Cab doors are pre-wired for optional 4" diameter, flex mount lights.

  • Two fire extinguishers with holders ( one in cab, one in cube)
  • Two-toned paint scheme
  • Custom graphics
  • Polyethylene plastic drawers package ( with dividers, 85 in count*)
    -*22 drawers- 18"x24"x6"
    -*63 drawers- 18"x24"x3.5"
  • Wheel covers and caps
  • Ask your sales specialist for additional custom options.
  • Number of items that can be carried ( Shop supplied tools material and service tech supplied tools) as many as 1186
  • Cube life expectancy - 20 years or 500,000 miles
  • Ten(10) year limited warranty

  • .090 and .125 aluminum interior shelving and racking
  • Rear inside left and right stainless steel door panels have a dull finish & stainless steel holding brackets mounted on the doors panels.
  • All bolted surfaces use stainless steel bolts, nylon nuts and washers where accessible.
  • All rivets are aluminum.
  • One electroplated winch with 8" of 1/8" stainless steel cable and 5/16" hook, bolted to the left side( Used to lift heavy objets of floor or truck).
  • Two belt retainers with adjustable buckle for holding extension ladder on the left side.
  • Three 2" portable belt retainers with adjustable buckles approximatly 5' long with hooks.
  • 2" belt retainers with adjustable buckles on right hand side for retaining a dolly or large objects.
  • The ladder racks are designed for Louisville ladders. The right hand side is designed for a 6' A-frame ladder, and the left side for a 10' ladder that extends to a 17 1/2". If you choose a different style ladder or size, we need the excat dimension to adjust our brackening to hold them. You may purchase ladders fron us. We offer heavy-duty industrial quality, fibergladd ladders.
  • The extension ladder has a special arrangement that is on ball bearings that extend out when belting is released. this makes it very easy to put the ladder down or to put it back up with minimum strain.
  • Right side rear door has a 1/2" thick aluminum alloy plate lining to protect the door from pipe damage.
  • Exterior, heavy - duty, custom design door holdbacks for the left and right hand rear doors.
  • Flooring inside of cube is smooth with non-skid strips in the aisle.
  • All four corners at the rear of the truck have custom designed angle brackets for body strength.
  • All numbered shelving can be removed allowing for any equipment you care to put in. The vertical panels can be relocated if necessary so you have quite a bit of flexibility if you want to customize the interior.
  • The numbers for all of the optical plastic boxes are stamped onto the front of the shelving, as well as on both left and right hand rear doors.
  • The optical plastic boxes are held in place with stainless steel hinges and nylon retaining devices.

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