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Aerodynamic Truck Design
With Superior Aluminum
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HIVCO introduces a New Age For Utility Trucks:        

We take pride in the fact that HIVCO trucks are designed with an eye to making every inch count for safety, efficiency and form because our trucks represent your business image. Whether your product is tools, flowers, food or delivery service, your four-wheel firm is on display and represents your commitment to service and professionalism.

HIVCO introduces the UNI-VAN consisting of an all-aluminum body and aerodynamic engineering. The Uni-Van's classic design adds a touch of luxury to your commercial truck. The patent pending, interlocking floor, which is exclusive to the Uni-Van, is a step into the future for safety and strength. The large hood opening allows for superior engine access.

Our high-volume production is due in part to our unique ability to manufacture and assemble on the same site.

The Uni-Van can be fitted to almost any chassis, thus enabling to begin prior to chassis availability. Fast delivery on our units is not a luxury at HIVCO, rather a standard.

Weight-saving, corrosion-resistant aluminum at competitive prices is what our customers look for and what we provide. Our fully-automated plant makes replacements parts readily available for your Uni-Van. The use of Brazier Head solid, hard rivets spells quality construction here at HIVCO.

Our aluminum alloy panels are .100 and .125 inches thick. A large quantity of extrusions specially designed for the truck unit produce an interlocking strength that is unique to the Uni-Van. HIVCO's original roll-in stand keeps workers off the roof of the unit and demonstrates our commitment to advanced methods of fabrication.

The hydraulic body-lifter allows for careful handling of each unit and the use of specially engineered Z-bar makes for a quality fit between truck and chassis. Because of our pre-painted separate body, replacing a worn chassis or making repairs requires a minimum of downtime and gets your business back on the road.

Exclusive Conveyor Line Technology Means Quick Delivery

The attention to detail on the Uni-Van is supervised by strict quality control standards. Our advanced conveyor line technology allows for a uniformity of production not found everywhere else in the industry.

When a Uni-Van truck body is attached to a chassis you can be assured every aspect of its design has been carefully planned and carried out.

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