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Industrialist Vahe Karapetian, owner of AA Cater Truck, HIVCO and AA Leasing developed, invented and designed the structural strength concept that consist of assembly of the truck body components with an interlocking system for the Utility Uni-Van and cube bodies
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Our History Speaks for Itself:         

Whether you are in metal fabricating, aerospace or electronics, with our experience and know-how, we can unite to form new business and industry opportunities to mutually benefit ourselves and assist in the growth of this industry.

Our vehicles are manufactured using an advanced aerodynamic technology, with modern aluminum metallurgy and machine formulating techniques. These techniques were designed by the avionics industry for the development of their advanced fighter planes. Our vehicles are aluminum based from the chassis up, thereby allowing a greater degree of adaptability by reserving increased weight generation for the user resisting in lighter wear and tear on the vehicle.


300 years before Marco Polo, Armenians braved the Eastern frontier and paved the way for trade routes from west to east and vice-versa. The development of merchant trade and the ability to provide for their own people have existed in their blood as an inherent part of their make-up ever since.

From the 1983 edition of the Hong Kong Bank Financial report, this bust of an Armenian wine seller was used to promote their view of how the Western traders were seen by the East. It is a three color, pristinely existing, glazed tang (8th Century) figurine of one of the wine sellers who worked the land route into China from the Mediterranean.

The above picture maintains a special insight into a typical 8th Century Armenian wine merchant. This is very special because it is an actual depiction of an Armenian face.

Vahe Karapetian, an industrialist, carries on this tradition by bringing from west to east his trained engineering background and innovative ideas to the manufacturing and vending industry. Vahe has successfully explored and developed business in the West. He continues to expand his horizons and develop new business ties and relations in the West and the East. With an eye toward the future, Vahe desires to incorporate new ideas and business's in the millennium way of thinking. We export AA Cater Trucks all around the world, from Asia to Europe, you name it we'll send it. The major Exporting Company's of our products to Asia is Ryoso and Benny's is for Europe.

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